Working with various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, primarily mild steel and aluminum alloys, MTN Metals has successfully fabricated a wide variety of individual components and complete mechanical assemblies in accordance with customer requirements.

The following outlines some of the industries, which we have served to date:

Material Handling - Various custom made push carts
- Part storage bins
- Parcel chutes
- Conveyor systems
- Shelving
- Self Dumping Hoppers

Ski Industry - Hydraulic actuated trail grooming machines
- Track vehicle cleats
- Track vehicle tire guides
- Stainless hinges and connecting brackets

Mining - Customized cleats for TAR SANDS track equipment

Brewery Industry - Conveyors
- Hand Trucks
- Ramps (Steel and Aluminum)

Miscellaneous Industrial - Architectural Steel fabrication
- Lift truck battery racks
- Wire mesh products
- Barriers, Handrails, Guardrails
- Expansion Joints