MTN manufactures the most advanced 4 x 8 Drag.

  • All our 4x8 Drags can be pulled by industrial snow mobiles such as; Alpine, Scandic, VK 540 as well as others.
  • The 12 Volt Actuator makes it easier to adjust the drag for varied conditions and the height of the drag.

Drag with Actuator 4 x 8 Drag with Actuator Controlled Wheels...

Wheels lower down effortlessly by actuator, lifting the drag for road crossings, parking lots, or hazards.

  • 4 cutting edges
  • 2 x 12 Volt Actuators With Limit Switch
  • Adjustable spring loaded pivoting blades
  • 390 lbs.

4 x 8 Drag with 5th Wheel Type or Straight Tow Bar...

The adjustable spring loaded pivoting cutting edges result in a safer, easier grooming experience.


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Drag with Actuator Drag with Actuator
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